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Homayfar wood industry


Wood has been very important throughout the history of human life, and early humans used wood to do almost all their work and tools. Part of the wood industry has remained with the help of craftsmen, but most of its uses have found alternatives over time. The use of wood and its industries in Iran is also very old. In the old days, in the north of the country, as well as in some places, wood is still used as a raw material for building houses, making boats, and preparing firewood for winter and other things.

When we know all the distinct and valuable features of wood and know the context of their use well, we will be able to use them to make different products.

The design and production of modern and classic cabinets, the manufacture and color of all types of wooden products, including wooden wardrobes, wooden doors and frames, furniture, bookshelves, showcases, etc., are part of our activities.

We customize our designs by maintaining the standards and requests of the client, and we consider elegance and originality to be our criteria of excellence in making them.